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You can download and use MobaMotion for free! No ads, no unwanted internet connection, only quality freeware!
The "portable" edition lets you use MobaMotion with its full features without the need to install it.
You do not need administrator rights in order to run MobaMotion on your computer.


Version 0.2 (initial release)

  • created installer version
  • improved animation builder speed
  • removed unnecessary mouse cursor positions over animation
  • added compatibility for older browsers (IE6)
  • fully tested on Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge
  • added a setting in order to specify animation speed
  • improved HTML/JS source code for easier user modification
  • animations can now be inserted into a web page with only one line of code

Version 0.1 (internal beta)

  • created a function for calculating differences between successive pictures
  • added "edition" capabilities with ability to change mouse cursor position and shape
  • animation slides can now be captured with better speed
  • animation slides can now be captured with "aero" feature disabled